This past Saturday many of you were shocked (as I was) when news of Whitney Houston’s death surfaced.  In fact, many of us are still hoping that someone will come out and say it is a big hoax, but unfortunately we have to deal with the sad reality.  Instead of going on and on, I am personally thankful for Whitney’s music which spans generations and which has comforted me and many others when dealing in particular with issues of LOVE and the heart.  May her soul rest in peace and may we dwell more on her special gift of that incredible voice, and not so much on the personal struggles she had over the years (we all struggle).  Here is one of MY all-time favorite songs and LIVE performances from Whitney.  SUCH a gifted lady…brings tears to my eyes.  Let’s just hope she is free now.

Also on this past Saturday, I braved the weather and fought a bug I was catching to go and see Romain Virgo perform LIVE at the Crossroads Club.  This young man has been very special to me since he won the Digicel Rising Star competition back in 2007 when he was 17, so I felt like it was my civic duty to go and check him out.  I was not disappointed (well, I was by the handfuls of people who attended) and I just felt very happy to see such a young man (22) perform songs which are so lyrically rich with such passion and gratitude.  It was a beautiful experience for me and I just HAD to share that.  Please research him and check out some of his songs.  He is a great singer and performer and such a nice young gentleman off stage too.  Please stay tuned for my interview with him on next Thursday, February 23.

Just in case you have not seen my interview on Global Culture TV, please check it out at the link below.

Give thanks again for all the many wonderful Black people I am meeting and spending time with during this month.  Black is indeed beautiful and I am so in love with my people.  Speaking of Black and Love, many of you did not know about BLACK LOVE DAY (February 13) despite me sending out information on it in the past.  I took it for granted that you would remember, but now I know that I have to keep reminding you.  Click HERE to learn more about it, and even though the day is past, the message is always relevant  — show LOVE every day for the Creator, for Self, for the Family, within the Black Community and for the Black Race.  Even more of you spent this past Tuesday celebrating Valentine’s Day and all I am saying is now that after the love (DAY) is gone, I hope that we are still in love with the idea of LOVE, and learning new ways to show love to others around us.
Peace & Blessings and Happy birthday to my son, Khani, Jr. who celebrates his birthday this Saturday.  In the words of my guest tonight, Benjy Myaz “Khani, I love you higher than anyone can count.”
More love,


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News Feb 26th, 2012

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