On this pepisode, Ms. Peppy raps with Joelle Cohen Wright, the author of “A So We Do It” who wrote a satire after the Tuesday East Coast earthquake. She also introduced her listeners to Keinan ‘Rastafunk’ Roland, the producer of the PEP Talk! theme song, “Hip Hop Nation” and gave Harambee Radio listeners an exclusive of the upcoming Season 2 pepisode with Seestah Imahkus Njinga Ababio who is the owner of the One Africa Resort in Ghana.

For more information on Joelle, visit www.ackeepodpublishing.com

For more information on One Africa Resort, visit www.oneafricaghana.com

Fore information on Rastafunk and to purchase music, visit www.movementunes.com and search for Rastafunk

For all things PEP Talk!, visit www.yaapeptalk.com or email peptalk@gmail.com



PEP Talk! Radio Show: August 25

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