On this very special show which was recorded on the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, Yaa Peppy interviews three people who have intimate knowledge of Haiti. Huguens Jean is Haitian and the co-director of LIFT UP – the documentary film about two brothers who went back to Haiti after the earthquake in tribute of their grandfather. Johann Richard is the executive of Kay Nou Inc, a nonprofit dedicated to improving lives of Haiti’s children. Paul Pumphrey is the co-founder of Friends of the Congo and the co-founder of Brothers and Sisters International.

For more information on LIFT UP and to watch the film for free, please visitwww.liftupmovie.com.

Connect with Huguens athttps://www.facebook.com/huguens.jean

For more information on Kay Nou and to make YOUR donation of at least 96 cents per day to help a needy child with his/her education, visit www.kaynouinc.org.

Connect with Johann and Kay Nou at https://www.facebook.com/kaynou.inc

For more information on Brothers and Sisters International, email paul.pumphrey@gmail.com or call 202-234-8936.

To get on PEP Talk TV or Radio, email peptalk@peppypromotions.com.

PEP Talk! Radio Show: January 12, 2012

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