Welcome to a new year. In fact, it is so new that I still said 2011 when I meant 2012, LOL. In any event, this show was dedicated to the newness of the year where the buzz words were Faith and Vision Board. This is also a special for the May 2012 trip to Ghana with Africa for the Africans and Ms. Peppy shares audio clips from her 2011 trip to Ghana.

Ms. Peppy also thanked her station affiliates,www.daflavaradio.com,www.harambeeradio.com and www.caribvoiceradio.org and owners Dalani Aamon, Ricovibes, and Aubry Padmore.

Music by Singing Kenya Hatthaway, Singing Mellody, Tony Roy, Rita Marley and Kehv.

Listen for the special debate clip on homophobia with Jamaica’s party leaders.

Fr more info on Africa for the Africans, visit www.africafortheafricans.org

To see any of the video clips that were played, go to www.vimeo.com/peptalk.

PEP Talk! Radio Show: January 5, 2012

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